Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic Therapy is the use of magnets over the body to relieve aches and pains. One of the leading practices in natural pain relief.
Our exclusive magnet “Big Bertha Magnet” is made from a material called “Neodymium” which is the most magnetisable material on earth. No batteries, no charging – this magnet will only lose approximately 5% of it’s strength over 100 years!
See how it works…

Why Magnetic Therapy?

Muscle Relief

Some relief from pain and increased movement can be experienced within two minutes of use.

No Pills Or Potions

When using Big Bertha Magnet there are no pills or potions involved.
There are no restrictions on the amount of time you can use the Magnet, not like with pills.

Ease Aches & Pains

Helps to ease aches and pains, without the use and costs of pills and potions.

Easy To Use

Simply remove cover and massage gently the area of pain , normally some relief can be found within two minutes.


Big Bertha Healing Magnet


Wow!… Soooo glad I purchased the Big Bertha magnet! It has helped with my pain so much. I have Ehlers Danlos syndrome, FMS and RA and I regularly get a really bad pain in my left ankle and after many years of dislocating bones in the area and RA preventing movement in one direction. My chiropractor taught me an exercise, but it requires 2 people and still can’t walk for up to 2 hours after my foot seizes.However, the magnet stops the pain instantly and enables me to walk straight away…amazing!!! I also bought one for my Mother, who has since stopped seeing her chiropractor and her Acupuncturist! She messaged me the next day of trialling it to say her pain had completely gone!!! Very happy and would recommend.Martin is very helpful if you need any extra advice.

Tessa Brown

Big Bertha Healing Magnet


I have always been sceptical about things like this but am truly converted. After getting up from the sofa one night and collapsing on my knee and suffering such immense pain I was begging my husband to take me to hospital. He suggested the magnet and agreed to take me if it didn’t work. He massaged my knee for about 20 minutes and the pain eased significantly enough to avoid a hospital visit. I stayed in bed and when I woke the next morning I could have run a marathon. I felt no pain whatsoever. I have used the magnet a few times since on my back and shoulder and each time felt relief from pain. I 100% recommend to everyone!

Zeenat Hodds

Big Bertha Healing Magnet


Met Martin through work and he noticed I was having problems with my knee and he asked if I knew about the magnet which I didn’t. He then got one and massaged my knee and it started to feel better. I purchased one from him and continued using it and now have no problems with my knee.


Big Bertha Healing Magnet


Having severely broke my collar bone healing has been a long process and I get pain from my shoulder up my neck, when nothing else worked I tried the big Bertha and was truly amazed that the pain eased and I got more movement within 10 minutes. Thank you Martin for all your advice.


Big Bertha Healing Magnet


My husband and I were at the Norwich Garden Show on Friday. I had a trial with one of the Big Bertha magnets – on my knee. We then walked around for an hour or so and couldn’t believe how much it had helped. We went back and purchased one. We should have bought 2 as my husband is using it more than me! Thank you Martin 🙂

Lisa Betteridge

Big Bertha Healing Magnet


I acquired one of these magnets from Martin, my wife suffers from Sciatica as well as other painful conditions, Gill, my wife, used the magnet on her Sciatica points and within a minute felt relief from the niggling pain, Gill also used the magnet on an ongoing shoulder pain and bingo, the same result, very pleased with the product and does what it says on the tin, will be testing on my brother soon, with his permission, to address his rheumatoid arthritis condition…..can recommend the magnet, also handy size to carry in bag, jacket pocket, etc……Kevin Glancey

Kevin Glancey

Big Bertha Healing Magnet


Having tried many various pain relief products with no success, Big Bertha finally gave me the relief I had been looking for. It provided relief within minutes of first using it. I fully recommend it! Thank you.

Alan Perry

Big Bertha Healing Magnet


I purchased a Big Bertha to see if it would help the pain I have in my thumb joints due to arthritis. I used it for 5-10 minutes, 3 times a day for 5 days and I am amazed how much it has helped. I’ve had physio in the past and had no where as much relief as I have with this amazing magnet. Would definitely recommend this to anybody suffering with pain and want to reduce/stop taking painkillers.

Debbie Fuller

Big Bertha Healing Magnet


I bought the Big Bertha magnet primarily for my dog who has soreness in at least two areas of his back, plus some discomfort in the right shoulder girdle/ leg area. I have been applying it to these parts for nearly 3 weeks now, usually 3 times a day and am convinced that he is significantly benefiting from its use. I have left it this long before adding a review as he has other interventions, e.g. food supplements, hydrotherapy, and a monthly physiotherapy session. At the time of writing this he has not had either of the therapies mentioned for over a fortnight nor has he needed any of his anti inflammatory medication, yet he is generally livelier, more playful and keen to extend our walks, particularly the morning one beyond our usual hour. We are in fact sharing it as I am using it on my left knee which took a bit of a hammering a year ago when I landed on it after tripping over our recently rehomed rescue dog when we were all out for a walk. I appear to be developing arthritis in that area and Big Bertha is helpful in alleviating the associated pain. So thanks BB, it seems to be win win!

Carole Roper

Big Bertha Healing Magnet


My husband bought me one of these from Martin, for my arthritis but I have to say it’s been marvellous & worked on many different areas. All areas of arthritis have been helped, as well as migraines, a tight wheezy chest & nerve pain. My husband has also used it on areas associated with his job, aching knee joints/elbows etc. We would definitely recommend the big Bertha!! Thanks Martin!!

Bree Lester

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