About Us

My name is Martin Hill.  I have been involved with magnetic therapy for over 25 years and have had some excellent results during this period.  This has been a passionate hobby of mine, but in October 2017 the magnets and my belief in them saved my feet after sustaining a life-changing accident at work.  Both of my feet were crushed whilst working offshore, with almost all the bones in each foot broken, dislocated and twisted and 75% of the skin lost on each foot.  I was airlifted to Hull where I was told both feet would have to be amputated  I told the surgeons at Hull that I wanted to try to heal my feet using my magnetic therapy, before I would agree to losing my feet  They agreed reluctantly, saying they had never seen injuries as severe as this recover.  I was transported in an ambulance back to my local hospital in Norwich, where I had plastic surgery.  After surgery I was asked if I had any questions, I asked if I could incorporate my magnetic therapy in with the recovery process, which they agreed. I began medical treatment and using magnetic therapy to enhance the healing process.

Two years prior to my accident I found that large neodymium magnets had an almost immediate effect on relieving localised pain for all types of injuries and health conditions.  I therefore developed a product which would enable people to use the magnets safely and effectively to treat their own aches and pains.  I have called this product Big Bertha Magnet.

I used Big Bertha Magnet, along with other magnetic products to help heal my broken bones, speed up my plastic surgery recovery and reduce the pain I experienced after my injury.  This also helped reduce my need for strong painkillers and the nasty side effects these can bring.

I have now been off work for 15 months due to the accident.  I’ve used this time well to design, develop and test the Big Bertha Magnet on myself, family and friends.  I have also been able to promote it at my local gym to people suffering from sports injuries, with some good results.  For example, a member asked me if Big Bertha Magnet would help with Achilles tendon pain.  He tried using it and found it relieved pain within seconds and gave him the opportunity to train more, thus improving his strength and mobility.  Now he can run daily rather than weekly, so he is able to achieve his goals sooner.